Frequently Asked Questions about Self-Service Kiosks

Considering embracing self-service kiosks for the first time in your restaurant, or shifting to a new kiosk solution that puts your guests’ needs first? Allow us to be your resource. Read on for answers to commonly asked questions about restaurant kiosks, including key characteristics of a solution that will support the quality guest experience, usability, and operational efficiency you desire.

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What is a kiosk system, and why do I need one for my restaurant?

A kiosk system is a self-service machine that allows customers to perform various transactions and tasks, such as ordering food, purchasing tickets, or checking in for appointments. While kiosks can be used across industries, they are commonly used in the restaurant environment to enable self-ordering and integrated payments. Adopting a restaurant kiosk system can help streamline your restaurant’s operations, reduce wait times, and significantly improve the customer experience.

Why are more restaurants using kiosks?

An increasingly tech-savvy customer base and a preference for self-service among younger customers has driven the adoption of self-service kiosks for quite some time. The Covid-19 pandemic further accelerated this change by forcing physical distancing between staff members and customers. In addition, the natural benefits of kiosks have contributed to their widespread adoption. They reduce wait times without increasing overhead or average ticket spend, and allow full customization of items without compromise.

How do I know it is time to add kiosks to my locations?

Lengthy wait times can be one signal that it is time to consider a hybrid solution that includes a combination of kiosks and traditional point of sale terminals. The installation of restaurant kiosk systems can enable you to double or even triple ordering capacity without adding additional crew. Order inaccuracy can be another sign that installing kiosks will benefit your restaurant in an outsized way. Restaurant kiosk systems naturally reduce order inaccuracy by allowing customers to select and customize their own items. Finally, if you service a younger customer base, you may want to consider the adoption of kiosks sooner rather than later. Younger customers indicate an overwhelming preference for self-service kiosks over traditional, crew-led ordering experiences.

When in doubt, take a look at competitors within your category. Have any of them embraced kiosks successfully? If yes, should you embrace them too? If no, could embracing kiosks help differentiate your restaurant from the pack?

What features should I look for in a kiosk system?

The features you should look for in a kiosk system depend on your specific needs and goals, but some key features for a self-service kiosk include touch screen interface, payment processing, customizable branding, receipt printing, and integrations with other systems such as inventory management and customer relationship management software.

Interface branding matters significantly more in a guest-facing kiosk experience than in a traditional point of sale experience, which never reaches the eyes of guests. In addition, usability is exceptionally important in order to reap operational benefits like order efficiency and accuracy, and unlock the kiosk’s full potential to enhance (rather than detract from) customer satisfaction. Remember that everything a customer encounters while using your kiosk becomes part of their collective guest experience, for better or for worse. Look for a restaurant kiosk system that is attractive, reduces friction to the order, and is downright enjoyable to use.

How much does a kiosk system cost?

The cost of a kiosk system can vary widely depending on the vendor, the features included, and the number of kiosks you need. Typically, you can expect to pay a one-time fee for the hardware and software, with additional fees for maintenance, support, and add-on features.

Like a point of sale system or any other restaurant technology, the restaurant kiosk system represents an upfront and ongoing investment. But this investment quickly pays dividends in the form of average ticket growth, higher transactions per hour, rising customer satisfaction, more repeat visits, and lower operational costs.

What kind of hardware do I need for a kiosk system?

The hardware you need for a kiosk system can vary depending on the kiosk vendor and the features you require. At a minimum, you will need a touch screen monitor, a computer or tablet, and a printer for receipts. Additional hardware such as card readers, barcode scanners, and cameras may also be required to accept diverse payment options and strengthen security.

Choosing the best hardware for your restaurant’s kiosk system can feel confusing, but the right partner can bring clarity to your solution search by helping you compare and contrast alternatives and coupling each kiosk hardware’s features and functionality with real industry insights.

Make sure to consider the quality of your kiosk partner’s services and support. In addition to initial solution design, your partner should provide high quality installation, warehousing, equipment repair, and equipment exchange to keep your kiosks performing at all times.

There are so many kiosk manufacturers. How do I choose the right one for my restaurant?

To choose the right kiosk system for your business, start by identifying your specific needs and goals. Consider factors such as the size of your business, the number of kiosks you need, your desired aesthetic, the features you require, and your budget. Do your research, read reviews, and schedule demos with potential vendors to ensure you find a system that meets your needs and is easy to use.

When it comes to selecting and designing an optimal restaurant kiosk system, having a responsive and collaborative restaurant technology partnership is critical. Look for a consultative partner who will understand your self-service strategy, help you map system requirements to specific kiosk products, and design an end-to-end solution that will delight your guests.

What different kiosk manufacturers do you have partnerships with?

ReSource Point of Sale works with several of the restaurant industry’s best kiosk manufacturers, including ELO, Samsung, HP, Touch Dynamic, Olea, and Spacepole, to name a few. Our team will work with you to design an ideal Kiosk hardware solution that will strengthen your guest experience and scale your business.

What will kiosk installation look like?

ReSource Point of Sale offers a comprehensive range of professional services spanning the entire lifecycle of your restaurant kiosk system. From initial assembly, to staging and configuration, site surveys, and on-site installation—we will ensure a seamless transition to self-service across all of your locations. When it comes to a smooth installation, planning is everything. We’ll set expectations and communicate with your team every step of the way.

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