When it comes to purchasing POS systems, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed with all the new hardware and technology constantly on the rise. Depending on the size of your business, the cost of a complete setup can come with a few more zeros than you were expecting and it’s important to assess your needs before jumping into things. Do you really need the newest model available? Probably not, but you don’t want just any old POS either…

Here’s a few reasons why buying refurbished point of sale hardware will benefit your business – and your bottom line!

$$$ Price

Of the many benefits that come with purchasing refurbished hardware, the most obvious reason is price. In most cases, the price of refurbished point of sale equipment is reduced to more than 50% of what new hardware costs while delivering the same quality performance — giving you a chance to put your hard earned cash elsewhere. 

No Surprises

Before entering into any serious relationship, it’s important to test the waters. The same goes for relationships between humans and machines. You’ll want to find a reseller that goes through extensive measures to make sure hardware is clean and functional before it reaches the customer. The most important part of all hardware is the guts. Beauty lies from within, right? After a thorough cleaning of used POS equipment, technicians replace any parts needed then test and inspect every nook and cranny to ensure optimum efficiency during the refurbishing process. And if it’s a POS terminal that’s being refurbished, it will most likely be put through a burn trial where a year’s worth of stressful activity is simulated to expose any hidden cracks or issues that need to be addressed to ensure smooth operation so there are no huge surprises down the road. Where else can you find relationship security like that?


Sometimes taking that big step forward ends up being two steps backwards. How many times have you drained your bank account to purchase the newest smart phone only to learn the next generation is being released in a week? Depending on the needs of your business, purchasing the most advanced equipment — and not to mention expensive — may prove to be unnecessary. A new terminal usually has a ten year life-span before it’s toast or in need of some serious maintenance; truly a heavy commitment when most of us don’t even have a five year plan for ourselves.

Green is Better

What could possibly be more important than saving green? Going green! That’s right ladies and gentleman, PLANET EARTH needs your help. As tough as it may be to say goodbye, sometimes a piece of hardware or individual part is simply unsalvageable. These parts are then separated and sorted by materials such as plastic, metal, glass, etc., to be shipped out and properly recycled. Now you can feel a little less guilty about not owning a hybrid car.

Redefining “like-new”

No, this isn’t your every-day Craigslist ad; when we say “like-new,” we mean it. Even the biggest Where’s Waldo enthusiasts should have trouble finding imperfections in your hardware’s appearance and functionality.

Depot Security

It is understandable that equipment used in the restaurant and retail industry tends to take a beating — physically and emotionally — but relax; signing up for an advanced exchange depot program keeps your hardware safe. Most depot programs provide next-day replacement of failed hardware — ready to plug and play right out of the box. This allows you to focus on running your business and less time worrying about your POS system crashing and costing you precious sales.


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