Choosing the Right Digital Dining POS: Don’t Choose a Hot Dog Over Filet Mignon

Everyone appreciates the finer things in life.  There is no comparison between a Hot Dog and Filet Mignon, a Model T and a Porsche,  or the basic functions of a POS and Digital Dining’s multifaceted POS.  Get the most out of your wise choice to use the Digital Dining POS, by utilizing the many superior functions of this amazing device.

Just like the menu at your restaurant, there is something for everyone with Digital Dining’s POS.

POS Transaction The Many Benefits of the Digital Dining Resource POS

  • Your patrons love your restaurant because of the food. Add to their satisfaction by sending their orders directly from the table to the kitchen.  The precision of this function is unparalleled; there is no time or distance in which to lose any part of their order.
  • Customers will appreciate the ease and security of paying at the table. With your Digital Dining POS, a patron’s money or credit card are never out of sight.  Great food and secure payment?  It’s a win-win.
  • The Frequent Diner program and Gift Certificate capabilities you can offer through the POS will be the icing on the cake.


  • With a handheld POS device, the staff is free to move about your facility and take care of patrons’ needs without being tethered to a terminal.
  • There are no security codes to remember or identity cards to carry with Digital Dining’s POS; staff can sign in using only their fingerprint.


  • What’s not to love about the absolute fluidity afforded by your Digital Dining POS? From the floor to the kitchen, all the workings of the restaurant can be monitored by management.
  • Knowing that their staff has every opportunity for success and minimal risk of service failures will make managing a restaurant more, well, manageable.

Take advantage of all of the functions of your Digital Dining POS and enjoy the ease and success facilitated by the industry’s best POS system.  Don’t settle for less when you are holding the best right in the palm of your hand.