Best Point of Sale for Restaurants

With fine dining, quick service and fast casual restaurants openings, it’s absolutely critical that your restaurant staff has the POS software, hardware and functionality they need to work safely, and provide the highest quality service to your customers you will need to find Best Point of Sale for Restaurants

NCR offers a complete end-to-end POS solution proven to improve restaurant operations by integrating seamlessly with POS hardware and third-party software.

Legacy POS Hardware You Need to Run Your Restaurant

If you’re like most restaurant owners, you’re at least familiar with a Point of Sale system (POS). More likely, you’ve used an Aloha POS system countless times over the years and don’t need anyone to sell you on the technology.

So, why are POS brands always trying to sell you on POS hardware? Because well established POS technology like NCR is not only reliable, it’s also faster to get up and running as it requires almost no training for servers and safer while opening new restaurants or reopening established restaurants.

NCR’s Aloha POS System: Software and Hardware

Upgrading your restaurant with lasting technology and new hardware is a surefire way to improve operational efficiency and ensure a guest experience that is clean, sanitary and exceptional.

1. NCR Self-Ordering Kiosks and Contactless Technology

In modern day, fine dining, quick service and fast casual restaurants are expanding, and technologies that reduce contact and speed transactions are now key to a restaurant’s ability to open. With NCR, you have access to some of the most robust capabilities in the restaurant industry now extended into Consumer Self Ordering.

  • NCR SelfServ™ 90 Kiosk – Tough enough to withstand harsh restaurant environments, this interactive kiosk is enabled with multi-touch capability that delivers a “tablet like”
    experience, it supports gesture-based interactions, EMV standards for credit and debit payments and has several mounting options.
  • NCR XK32 Kiosk – This 32” glass zero-bezel display runs on 6th gen Intel® Core processors and has the real estate and mounting option to upgrade the visual appeal of menu items and best fit your physical space.
2. NCR Mobile POS Hardware & Contactless Technology

For restaurant staff who need greater flexibility, NCR offers two mobile hardware options in the Orderman Radio Ordering System, the first radio ordering system specifically developed for the hospitality industry. NCR offers an alternative option for customers that perfectly connects with the mobile hardware.

  • NCR Orderman Handheld Device – These specially made handheld POS terminals are designed to operate non-stop, less prone to interference and feature individual solutions perfect for tableside ordering or line busting.
  • NCR 7779 Tablet – Engineered to provide mobility and flexibility to fit any hospitality operation. This tablet product line includes 8” and 10” windows tablet PCs and accessories; is available with 1920×1200 resolution, and comes with built-in nfc for contactless tags and non-payment cards.
  • NCR Mobile Pay – Customers can now pay their checks securely by scanning a QR code printed on the check, offering another form of safety with contactless payment process. They can opt to receive their receipt in email. This option integrates seamlessly with Aloha if your restaurant already uses the software.
3. NCR POS Terminals

Purpose-built to handle any restaurant environment, the Aloha PX-series is an advanced POS terminal that combines the uncompromising stability and quality of a fixed terminal with the familiar look and feel of a tablet. The Aloha POS PX-series can be run on several types of central terminals (PX10, P1235, P1532, P1535, and XR7) all of which run Windows 10 or Android and and offer a tremendous array of options to exactly suit the precise needs of your operation.

4. NCR Kitchen Hardware

When everyone’s in the weeds, no one is thinking about the hardware keeping the back of house from chaos. Without sophisticated technology like controllers, bump bars and kitchen display systems, orders would be lost, timing would be ruined and service levels would fall faster than a souffle.

Thankfully, NCR Kitchen Hardware is built to withstand the harsh environments of restaurant kitchens.

  • NCR KC4 Kitchen Controller Key to enabling the precise order routing and operational flows of the NCR kitchen production solution, the KC4’s rugged, solid state design and optimized connectivity provide operators with utmost reliability and versatility in their kitchen operations.
  • NCR KT2200 Kitchen Touch Display This large highly-visible LED back-lit LCD touch screen is purpose-built for restaurant kitchen environments. Fully-enclosed in stainless steel, the KT2200 features a tough, full-HD glass screen with PCAP touch technology that enables staff to easily see and take action on multiple orders in progress, increasing both accuracy and efficiency.
  • NCR Bump Bar – Used to interact with the NCR KC4 Kitchen Controller, the NCR Bump Bar enables kitchen staff to easily “bump” or delete orders from the production queue. built to withstand heavy use, the NCR Bump Bar features a rugged aluminum enclosure and rubber end caps to fully protect the bar from the harshest of kitchen environments.

NCR POS System: Best Restaurant POS System for 2020

As a restaurant owner, you know that the success of your business does not solely rely on the quality of the food on the plate. It also relies on the level of service you provide to the customer.

With the NCR POS System, you’ll have the tech, hardware and functionality to improve restaurant operations, increase average spend per customer and attract more customers to your restaurant.

Moreover, you’ll have everything you need to create contactless customer experiences and protect your guests and staff in your establishment. Contact ReSource Point of Sale today to learn more about the NCR Complete Point of Sale System.