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How do you shop? Do go online for your purchases or do you prefer to go into the store? According to CNN’s Holly Firfer: although studies show that 80% of consumers still go into brick and mortar stores to shop, many of them start the process online. Which is why retailers are now marrying their online presence with their physical spaces.

“The same website that you were looking at last night on the couch while you were watching TV; it’s the same website that will be in that store. And if you said ‘Oh I saw this,’  you can go take a look at it, see the physical merchandise, and buy it there,”  Elo’s Craig Witsoe explains.

Elo Interactive is one company putting touchscreen technology into stores so customers have a smooth transition from online to in-store. It allows retailers to sell from a large inventory without needing a large retail space. And it also gives the shopper a choice.  Wistoe: “Do you always want the help of an associate? Not all the time… the key is to give her the choice – and make it easy. Because the same experience that she has on her iPad or phone or computer is the same experience as in-store.”  See the full story on CNN here 

The Benefits of Interactive Digital Signage

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Create an Engaging Brand Experience

Create interactive brand experiences to attract your customers and then engage them with interactive content. Use Elo’s IDS displays to deliver the personalized information they need and make them brand-advocates.

Customers from leading retailer brands are using Elo’s IDS displays in a number of applications inside stores.

  • Introducing new products
  • Promoting local events/ campaigns
  • Presenting a branded lifestyle experience
  • Offering loyalty programs and contents

Help customer’s purchase decisions in-store

Retailers today are facing competition from the thousands of online shopping sites. Elo’s IDS displays can create new interactive shopping experiences for customers to address and embrace this trend.

  • Attracting and engaging customers
  • Providing an “endless aisle” with in-depth, consistent product information on demand
  • Enabling personalized marketing programs at the point of both interest and sale

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Enable your Omnichannel strategy

Progressive retailers are accelerating their Omnichannel initiatives to create a seamless shopping experience. Elo’s IDS displays help you create a personalized experience for your shoppers.

  • Commercial tablet/ mobile check out devices
  • “Traditional” POS products that integrate with your CRM systems
  • Large format interactive displays that engage your customers in the endless aisle and product discovery solutions

Connect “bricks” with “clicks”

Retailers today are confronting the impact of internet marketing and “showrooming”. A new dynamic and interactive medium are helping make inroads to address and embrace this trend.

  • Personalized marketing at the point of both interest and sale
  • Seamless integration with online marketing
  • Online ordering for out of stock items

Resource Point of Sale offers expertise on how to use Interactive Digital Signage Online and In-Store for the best customer experience.

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