Fast and convenient service is the name of the game in quick service restaurants (QSRs). The massive surge in demand for curbside pickups, drive-thru pickups, and deliveries has made that service more important than ever before.

According to consumer insights platform Sense360, as of July 2020, 54% of people have used one or more restaurant delivery options since COVID-19 began and 63% of those prefer delivery directly from the restaurant. Additionally, 46% percent of consumers have ordered curbside service and 42% have ordered carry-out since the pandemic began. This is why having a mobile point of sale is one of the top strategies we’ve been helping QSRs implement over the past year.

Many QSRs have been investing in white-label or direct delivery services to minimize fees that they would normally have to pay third-party food delivery vendors. They’re also using their own apps and websites to capture more off-premise orders and provide curbside pickups, and many are mobilizing their point of sale for drive-thru line-busting.

You need to have a good mobile point of sale in place to enable these strategies and provide fast, convenient service, and it has to work seamlessly with all your other restaurant processes. ReSource POS can provide the right technologies in place to process orders, manage inventory, and provide safe and impeccable service.

ReSource POS is working closely with Zebra to bring the right solutions to our QSR clients. Zebra’s portfolio of solutions includes best-in-class mobile computing solutions designed specifically for mobile point of sale and to integrate easily with QSR systems, enabling more automated and streamlined workflows for curbside pickup, deliveries, or linebusting. For example, many QSRs are combining Zebra’s TC70 Touch Computer or ET5X tablet with a Zebra ZQ110 mobile printer to mobilize their point of sale, manage curbside orders and payments, and provide impeccable customer service including on-the-spot receipt printing.

Many QSRs are also deploying Zebra mobile point of sale solutions for linebusting in the drive thru or in counter service lobbies. Zebra’s enterprise-grade ET5X tablets significantly reduce lines and wait times in their drive-thrus.

With Zebra solutions, you can easily mobilize your point of sale and bring ordering, customer service and payments to wherever your customers might be. And you get the benefits of lower long-term costs along with easier integration, enterprise-grade processing power, and blazingly fast Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

If you’re looking to mobilize your point of sale or optimize the mobile solutions you already have in place, we highly recommend Zebra as the best choice for QSR service.

To learn more about Zebra mobile point of sale solutions and get specific recommendations for your restaurants, contact us at ReSource POS now.