Embracing the Future of Takeout: A Fully Integrated Approach 

The restaurant industry has experienced a significant shift towards takeout and delivery services over the past three years. With the closure of in-person dining in March 2020, customers quickly adapted to the convenience of takeout, fundamentally changing their dining habits. This shift presents both opportunities and challenges, necessitating a balance between in-person service and optimizing takeout operations. 

The pandemic has greatly accelerated the rise of food delivery services. Understanding these trends, statistics, and growth projections is essential for restaurant owners to adapt and thrive in this new landscape. 

Evolving Customer Preferences

With an increased demand for online ordering and curbside pickup, customer preferences have significantly evolved. Meeting customer expectations for convenience and speed is crucial for restaurant operations. 

Third-party delivery apps are popular, but many consumers still prefer ordering directly from restaurants. Exploring the benefits and challenges of both methods can help restaurants choose the best approach for their business. 

Despite the growth of takeout and delivery, in-person dining remains important. Restaurants must balance both channels to ensure seamless service and exceptional experiences for all guests. 

Managing both in-person and takeout orders requires innovative solutions. Key technologies and strategies, such as order routing, kitchen display systems, and labeling solutions, help maintain efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Comprehensive Solutions

ReSource Point of Sale and Epson offer comprehensive solutions to enhance takeout operations. From online ordering systems to advanced POS and kitchen solutions, partnering with these industry leaders can drive growth and operational success. 

As the restaurant industry continues to evolve, embracing the right technologies is crucial for sustaining service-centered experiences and boosting profitability. By leveraging the insights and solutions discussed here, restaurants can navigate the complexities of takeout operations and succeed in the ever-changing dining landscape. 

Finding the Right Partnership

Taking on takeout can be challenging, but the right partnership can help you win the race. At ReSource Point of Sale, we partner with fast-growing restaurants as they navigate changing customer preferences, ordering channels, business realities, and more. We represent some of the most innovative and trusted technology brands in the hospitality world. We are proud to partner with Epson, who delivers solutions that help address the key operational aspects of adapting to takeout and delivery. 

With a highly collaborative approach, we work with you to understand and achieve your restaurant’s goals—from initial solution design to rollout and ongoing support. 

To get started, contact us now to learn more and schedule a discovery call at your convenience.