Buying Software? The Benefits Of Using a Reseller for Your Technology

If you’re thinking of buying software for your business, consider going through a resEller. Here are 5 benefits of using a reseller for your tech needs

Customer satisfaction is at the top of your list, and the right small business software is a cornerstone of every customer service strategy.

It’s vital to have a reliable, forward-thinking, and versatile software partner. These partnerships give new retail startups and restaurants an edge over the competition, optimizing customer relationship management (CRM) via point-of-sale customization, actionable insights, eCommerce management, and more features.

Everything from in-store sales to inbound marketing depends on the latest business technology. Learn why more new and seasoned business owners are choosing resellers when buying software for their companies.

1. Buying Software that Makes Sense

Is this your first time buying software for your store, restaurant, or cafe?

Most new (and even experienced) small business owners aren’t technology experts. Your plate is already full of day-to-day responsibilities, inventory, marketing, and more business strategizing. It can be a real challenge to discover the right custom features for your company’s software system.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for small business software. You need a system that’s built for your industry niche, whether you’re placing purchase orders or ringing up a customer. Only a custom solution can help improve customer service, facilitate growth, and adapt to changes and rebrands.

Improved Compatibility

Compatibility with new devices is another perk of customization.

Suppose you want to integrate tablets to shorten customer wait times and improve sales averages. If your current management software can’t put these goals into action, you would need to resort to plan B; this may require purchasing an additional POS system and SaaS products.

Choosing highly compatible and customizable software from the beginning saves a lot of headaches (and resources!)

Optimize Your Marketing With Custom Features

Marketing is another vital piece that benefits from custom software like point-of-sale systems and quick customer ordering features. Every customer interaction produces valuable data for marketing campaigns, but you need dependable software that safely gathers, stores, and visualizes information.

Instead of being limited by pre-set reporting templates and dashboard data. You can work with a developer to create a complete CRM system that lets you manage and interpret data with ease. This also includes setting custom key performance indicators (KPIs) for campaigns.

Seamless Scalability

Is your small business growing faster than anticipated?

This is great news and even more of a reason to switch to a custom software solution. If your current system isn’t built to support growth, it will hinder your momentum. Obsolete systems, slow ordering protocols, lack of devices, limited POS capabilities, and other challenges can cause momentum to slow to a grinding halt.

2. Personalized Service From the Beginning

You’ve got the green light to start building your shop, cafe, restaurant, or bar. You don’t want to wait too long to install your POS system, but where do you start?

Dealing directly with a business software manufacturer is challenging and time-consuming. It’s even a lot of work for an in-house IT manager. That’s why business owners work with experienced resellers instead.

Point-of-Sales Consultation

One of the best parts about working with a reseller instead of a manufacturer is the level of personalized service.

A long-term technology partnership starts with a consultation. For example, every account at ReSource POS begins with a thorough consultation where you discuss your goals with a team of point-of-sale experts.

POS Infrastructure Design

Developers and account managers will create a custom solution complete with the following and more:

  • Configurable dashboards
  • Data insights
  • Reporting tools
  • On-site and remote support
  • Back of House system setup
  • Online menu design
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • eCommerce Management
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Digital displays

These are just a few of the customizable features that come with enterprise resource planning (ER) software like NetSuite ERP. You also enjoy automatic software updates, preventing system failures and compatibility problems on busy days.

Collaborative Agile Project Management

Once the team understands your goals, they’ll create a custom system infrastructure, managing the project from conception to deployment. ReSource project managers are the points of contact connecting clients and developers, streamlining the process.

Project managers follow an Agile management method that sets measurable goals, rigorously tests features to perfection, and values feedback. Agile workflows ensure that custom POS systems are implemented on time, and ahead of schedule.

3. Confident System Launches

Are you planning a big store or restaurant launch?

Grand openings require more than just effective marketing, quality products, and big crowds.

Exemplary customer service is paramount to the success of your first day, and you can’t pull off a successful launch with an unreliable POS system. That’s another reason to get the ball rolling early with POS software and implementation.

Testing and Staging

Give yourself plenty of time to test out your point-of-sales software on multiple machines and devices. You’ll likely need compatible mobile tablets with touchscreen POS systems to meet sales demand. These concerns are just a couple of reasons that necessitate the need for custom, tested POS solutions.

You have to ensure that your system is ready to go live; every customer counts, and you don’t want to lose any because of a system failure or delay. At ReSource POS, custom point-of-sales software goes through a rigorous staging process to ensure seamless system launches.

Technology resellers also manage all of your on-site needs for launch day. This includes custom cabling solutions and live technical support for staff.

Are you launching a brand new store from scratch?

Technology resellers are vital from the start, especially if you want to focus more on the creative side of running a business. Coupled with on-site and remote support, resellers deliver peace of mind while saving you money on IT costs.

A new store rollout package is another example of why business owners work with resellers. This type of service rolls all of your POS needs into one package, including web and menu design, inventory management, system training, and hardware.

You also don’t have to worry about tracking down the right hardware for your shop or restaurant. POS resellers partner with top-of-the-line manufacturers, providing a “one-stop shop” for small business owners.

Having updated, user-friendly hardware on hand is crucial for big grand openings; that’s why it’s also important to customize software solutions with employees in mind.

If you’re rebranding or reorganizing your business, ask your employees what they think about the current POS system.

Ask them about their favorite (and least favorite) features. What type of functions or buttons would make their job go quicker so that they can help more customers? What sorts of features would help them drive more sales, like cross-sells and upsell items?

4. Get Reliable Hardware for Your Small Business

POS software and hardware work together to power sales, marketing, operations, and customer satisfaction. POS resellers make it easy on business owners by offering custom solutions for both. That means fewer vendors and contacts to deal with.

If you already have the hardware, a reseller can work with you to develop custom software that’s compatible with your current devices and registers. However, it’s important to update your equipment (if necessary) before customizing your software.

After discussing your goals and business model with a reseller, they’ll recommend hardware supplied by trusted manufacturers.

POS hardware partners include:

  • PAR
  • Touch Dynamic
  • HP
  • Epson
  • ELO
  • Zebra
  • Bite

Resellers help business owners source hardware like point-of-sales monitors, terminals, and touchscreen interfaces. They also help with implementation and training to mitigate human errors.

Top features include:

  • Intel processors
  • All-in-one Windows management
  • Cybersecurity features
  • Card stripe readers
  • Digital touchscreens
  • Barcode scanners
  • Digital displays
  • Receipt printers
  • SD card integration (backup and deployment)

There are also Bluetooth features if you want to add enabled mobile devices to your system.

POS hardware systems are built to withstand spills, blows, and other accidents. You can also call your reseller for on-site technical support and repairs; better servicing is another benefit of integrated SD card readers.

5. Improved Customer Service

Your small business is powered by technology. That’s why stellar customer service is especially important. POS resellers can go above and beyond where other suppliers won’t.

Consultations, development, implementation, and management are just a few pieces of the puzzle. What ties the entire experience together is great communication. Resellers work with you to develop a POS system that reflects your vision.

Consultations are the first step, but resellers are available to answer your questions before discussing your goals. You can always talk to a reseller about processes, hardware partners, software systems, and other topics before booking a consultation.

Resellers provide ongoing technical support for customers, so priority support doesn’t end after installation. Reliable technical support is a cornerstone of excellent customer service and a hallmark of a good reseller.

Priority support also includes on-site and off-site technical training. For example, ReSource POS customers work with a team of certified trainers that ensure employees are confident with the new system. This process also includes remote training material.

Discover the Benefits of Buying from a Reseller

Do you want reliable technology and service you can count on?

Start buying software through a point-of-sales reseller and discover the difference. Request a demo to see our solutions in action, or contact us today to discuss our product further.