Gone are the days of only seeing linear barcodes, continuously trying to line up the laser just right, and manually entering numbers for poor quality or damaged barcodes that won’t scan.barcode formats Increase Revenue Loyalty with 2D Barcode Scanners Resource POS

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your current scanning application, turn customers quicker, and make life easier for you and your employees, you will see immediate results by switching over to an area-imaging 2D barcode scanner! They may be a little more expensive, but their benefits add up!

Here are 7 reasons to upgrade from 1D to 2D scanners:

  1. Instantly Verify Ages
    Confirm valid U.S. driver’s licenses and verify ages with a single scan – protecting your business from fines, legal costs, and lost time!
  2. Automate Loyalty Program Enrollment
    Loyalty programs reward repeat purchases and visits. Now you can merge the two by scanning customers’ U.S. drivers’ licenses and automatically populate membership applications.
  3. Create Customer Accounts  
    Create a customer account or fill out a credit application without inconveniencing your customers or barcode scanner 2D Barcode Scanners Resource point of saleemployees by scanning the code on their license!
  4. Read Mobile Coupons
    Easily scan mobile coupons that you’ve texted or emailed out to customers – right at the POS – directly off their phone. More convenient for the customer and more cost-effective for you.
  5. Process Event Tickets
    Tickets can be issued electronically and scanned off of a phone screen. Reduce costs and risk of fakes by eliminating printed tickets.
  6. Capture Images
    Since 2D area-imaging scanners are actually a type of camera, many models can also take basic photos. Your scanners can help document damages, capture a signature, or even photo ID a person by acting as a camera.
  7. Improve Checkout Times
    Scan any barcode on any surface and turn customers quicker! 2D imagers read linear (1D), stacked, 2D, and even postal barcodes from any angle on any surface –  reducing hassle, time, and overhead!