Mobile point of sale (POS) systems offer a better way to ring up and track sales, and they’re also the best way to supercharge your growing business. Here are 4 ways a mobile POS system supports the growth of your business.

How to Use a Mobile POS System to Supercharge Your Growing Business

To implement these strategies, you need to have a mobile point of sale system — wireless devices used for sales transactions — in place to provide fast, convenient service, enable your team with greater functionality, and work seamlessly with all your other restaurant processes. With this new feature, here are 4 ways a mobile point of sale (POS) can fuel the growth of your business.

Put simply, pay-at-the-table POS systems help servers perform their jobs more efficiently; make more money, and eliminate many of the face-to-face interactions that are known to spread Coronavirus.

But it’s not only servers and guests who benefit from pay-at-the-table POS systems. The advantages that pay-at-the-table POS technology bring to your business are too good to overlook.

    1. Increase Cash Flow

A U.S. Bank study of failing businesses discovered that 82 percent of businesses cited cash flow problems as a factor in their failure. Though most business owners would agree that cash flow is a primary concern, few actually take steps to improve the way they accept payments.

Mobile point of sale (POS) systems enable your team to collect payments in the field. With that functionality you don’t have to wait on customers to send you a check, or waste valuable time chasing down late payments.

Many mobile POS systems also include features that enable you to improve your bottom line and manage your business more effectively. With the right mobile point of sale system, you can:

      • Sell From Anywhere – A mobile POS system enables your team with an easy way to capture sales whether they are inside or outside of your business location: host sidewalk sales to capitalize on foot traffic; take orders and payments at trade shows; accept payment at customers’ sites. A mobile POS system makes it all possible.
      • Enhance Business Flexibility – Food trucks and pop-up shops are perfect candidates for a mobile POS system. With a mobile POS system, you can take your point of sales system to your customers, and sell to them wherever they may be.
      • Manage Inventory Levels – Mobilepoint of sale systems can track and manage inventory, send alerts when stock is low, and even automate reordering. That means sales staff can check if a given item is in stock and/or order it to be shipped to the customer, from anywhere in the store at a moment’s notice.
    1. Improve Customer Experience

Mobile POS systems improve the customer experience by making it easier for associates to accept payments anywhere on the floor. That means fewer lines, faster service, and a better way to:

      • track purchases for customer loyalty programs;
      • utilize customer contact info for special offers; and,
      • create customized messages about sales, deals and announcements.

Enabled with mPOS technology provided by ReSource POS your team will have the functionality they need to capitalize on the 86% of buyers that are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

    1. Strengthen Marketing and Sales Efforts

Knowing how your product and services perform can help you make adjustments to boost sales. Integrating a mobile POS can be seamless with Brink. A mobile POS system enables your team with a simple method to collect customer information wherever customer interactions take place. Armed with that info, your team can identify sales patterns, highlight best sellers in your marketing efforts, and/ or change the layout of your store/website to make popular items easier to find.

    1. Accept Payments Securely

Every credit card owner knows that you should never write down credit card information. A mobile point of sale system uses the latest encryption and tokenization technology to accept payments securely.

If you’re looking to mobilize your point of sale or optimize the mobile solutions you already
have in place, we highly recommend our mobile POS partners. To learn more about mobile point of sale solutions and get specific recommendations for your restaurants, contact us at ReSource POS today.