Top 10 Must- Have Restaurant POS Features

A point of sale (POS) system is critical to the successful operation of a restaurant, but shopping around for a new POS can be a challenge. With so many point of sale solutions on the market, you might not know what you need or even where to begin. 

Fortunately, this guide has everything you need to get started including the 10 features you need most in a restaurant POS system. 

Simple To Manage

There are dozens of restaurant POS systems and hundreds of features all designed to make work easier for hospitality staff. The challenge is finding a happy- medium between the features you need and the features you don’t.

Generally speaking, the more you spend on a restaurant POS system, the harder it is to manage its many features. Larger, more sophisticated POS systems require a professional to install it and train your staff to use it. 

Regardless of the size of your restaurant or the number of employees that you keep on staff, your POS system should make it easy to manage basic tasks like placing orders, splitting checks, reordering drinks, a quick check out, etc.

If you’re looking to automate basic tasks in your restaurant, consider Brink Cloud POS Software, the only point of sale platform that combines a complete suite of software applications with a reliable hardware and services portfolio that your growing restaurant demands.

Payment Flexibility

It makes good business sense for your restaurant to accept as many payment options as possible. Unfortunately, many restaurant POS systems are only compatible with a single payment processor or force your staff to switch between several devices to accept alternate forms of payment.

For tableside payment, your restaurant POS should come with a tablet to process EMV cards, accept contactless smartphone apps, and record cash payments. Ask your POS system provider about the EMV-ready POS hardware they have in stock and if that hardware is compatible with your current system. 

Reporting and Analytics

Every business has KPIs that they need to meet in order to grow, especially restaurants. Restaurants seldom have the capability to pull reports and/or analyze the valuable data coming out of their kitchens, bars, and dinning rooms. 

Fortunately, modern restaurant POS systems enable your management team with Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports like:

  • sales by item, time and department
  • employee labor
  • sales vs. labor costs
  • seating performance

Reporting and analytics features also make it easier for managers to make staffing decisions based on real results, and set employee permissions like payment overrides, inventory adjustments, and sales figures.  

Inventory Management

If you have any experience managing inventory for a restaurant, then you know that it is a pain. For this reason and for the sake of whomever is assigned inventory management for your restaurant, you should choose a POS system enabled with inventory management features. 

The best restaurant POS systems enable your staff with real-time inventory monitoring which makes it easier to keep track of inventory levels, avoid embarrassing stock-outs, and keep customer satisfaction levels high. 

Website and Online Ordering

The COVID-19 pandemic made online ordering a necessity for any restaurant that wanted to stay in business. Whether you choose to employ a third-party integration or maintain a website with an ordering feature, your restaurant POS system should be able to accept orders, confirm their completeness, including payment options and forward the order to the kitchen (KDS).

You can also upgrade you existing POS by adding Epson POS receipt printers and accessories, like the new Epson mSeries Thermal Receipt Printer which is not only cloud ready, but also offers:

  • enhanced connectivity options
  • date communication
  • charge capabilities
  • support for online order printing, drive-through, and curbside pick up 

Table Management and Reservations

If you manage a restaurant with a dining room, then you need a POS system with table service and reservation features. This enables you to streamline the dining experience with faster seating, faster table assignments, and other basic functions that need to be carried out promptly.

The same principle applies to quick-service operators who need fast, efficient solutions to ensure speedy, safe, and satisfying guest experiences. Zebra QSR solutions help to ensure safe food service and customer interactions; decrease wait times; speed up ordering, pickups, and deliveries; and increase overall guest satisfaction.

Staff Mobility

It goes without saying that your staff should be able to use your POS from anywhere in the restaurant. By equipping your wait staff with networked iPads or tablets, orders will appear instantly on your kitchen display system (KDS) or at the bar. Waitstaff can even split bills, accept multiple payment types or even split items at the table.


To get the most out of your new restaurant point of sale system, your staff will need to be properly trained to use all the functions and features it offers. Once your POS system is installed, ReSource POS offers remote or onsite comprehensive training performed by our certified technicians. 

This is not only for your initial setup, but for any new initiatives that your business needs to stay current. Our friendly staff will walk your team through the training process step by step and ensure that you get the most out of your solution.

Note: Keep in mind that training staff to properly use the POS system takes 2-3 weeks. You will need to factor in that extra time before your “go live date”.

Service and Support

Even quality POS hardware breaks or wears out over time. That’s why the very best POS system providers offer amazing support and customer service. Even when an item breaks, we are there to ensure that you are back up- and- running in no time.

At ResSource Point of Sale, we ensure the longevity of our POS systems by providing the highest levels of service and support for everything we sell. To learn more about restaurant point of sale solutions and get specific recommendations for hospitality or retail environments, contact us at ReSource POS today.